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Hinds “New For You” Song Review

By Ava Butera  The alternative rock band hailing from Spain, known as Hinds, are back with new music. Hinds’ debut, Leave Me Alone, was released in 2016, showing that these girls don’t want you to forget about them; they want listeners to be engulfed by their music. Leave Me Alone was a smash hit in… Continue reading Hinds “New For You” Song Review

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“Berenstein” by The Band CAMINO – Song Review

By Caylee Robillard “Berenstein” is the latest single from the Memphis-based four-piece The Band CAMINO. The song was released as a surprise on December 15th, and it was met with excitement and anticipation. Sonically, the single is the classic indie-pop/rock that has gained the band a solid fan base; however, lyrically, this song has a… Continue reading “Berenstein” by The Band CAMINO – Song Review

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joan Returns With New Single “Tokyo”

By Peyton Rhodes Joan may only newly have a whopping three songs out on streaming services currently, but they’ve already managed to capture a significant audience’s rapturous attention. When the Monday announcement of their new single, “Tokyo,” hit the band’s Twitter account, the reaction was explosive; newly minted and more veteran fans (as veteran as… Continue reading joan Returns With New Single “Tokyo”

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Artist Spotlight: Sigrid

By Erin Christie Sigrid Solbakk Raabe, aged a mere 21 years old, has come a long way within her short moment in the spotlight, a time that is certainly to be extended for a much longer period.  Having achieved international acclaim with her single, “Don’t Kill My Vibe,” earlier this year, Sigrid has only continued… Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Sigrid

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MILKK Interview & ‘Less Than 3’ Song Review

By Ky Kasselman and Angela Smith MILKK is an upcoming three-piece pop group that describe themselves as an “emo boy-band” based out of Nashville, TN. Members consist of Pat Kiloran on vocals and keys, John Ogelby on drums, and Jack Vondrachek on guitar. Breaking onto the scene with “Pacific Kiss” and “IDWK” in May and… Continue reading MILKK Interview & ‘Less Than 3’ Song Review