Sure Sure Leaves Madison Crowd Wanting More


Review by Ava Butera + Photos by Susie McKeon

Walking into The Sylvee on a rainy and chilly February night, I was unaware what to expect from Young the Giant’s opener on their current run of the Mirror Master Tour. Coming on stage earlier than I expected, Sure Sure graced the stage, all five members entering in unison. Accompanied by bright lights, colors, and feelings, the band immediately began their set with older material — specifically “The Girls” off of their “Songs from 2014” EP. Again, I hadn’t listened to Sure Sure prior to this show, I only heard positive things about them from others. However, just hearing this mellow, yet vibey track, I was interested to see what the California natives would incorporate into their set next.

Sure Sure then quickly transitioned into newer songs such as “Friends,” “Warm Animal,” and “Fat Lady.” Two of them being from their debut self-titled album, a compilation of songs I ended up quickly downloading onto my phone moments after they left the stage. “Warm Animal” was definitely one of my favorites they played during their set. Blending indie elements, catchy guitar riffs, and 90’s R&B influences, I was strangely hooked by the different yet unique sound. I quickly realized how unique Sure Sure’s sound was.


Then shortly after, the band began playing yet another song, that I believed to be theirs based on how well they made it their own. However, half way into the hook, I instantly realized they were playing a cover of “This Must Be The Place” by (my favorite band) Talking Heads. Since I didn’t know any of the band’s music during their set, it was refreshing to get to sing along to at least one of their songs! This version was funky and groovy, incorporating memorable bass lines and impactful drumming.


For the duration of their set, they employed slower, more mellow tunes “What’s It Like” and “New Biome” before shortly instructing the audience to put their hands up and keeping their head down, creating an interactive environment amongst the sold out crowd. Before the band even started the song, the audience was already dancing along to their final song of the night, “Hands Up Head Down.” The atmosphere in the room was unbeatable. The crowd couldn’t get enough of the band’s infectious nature. Sure Sure’s first time in Madison, WI will definitely not be their last.