5 Seconds of Summer + The Aces Tour Is a Whimsical Experience For All

By: Caroline Rohnstock

Walking into the outdoor venue with my friend to see our favorite band, the air felt different, almost as if the excitement buzzing off of everyone caused the molecules to change. It was as if by the time these new molecules reached our lungs, we could only be jumping and vibrating at the thought of seeing the four familiar faces perform all our favorite songs. The songs we cry to, and scream in the car too loud, and listen to everywhere. This aside, my friend and I were also buzzing about the opening act. I had only heard a few things about them, being intrigued by an all-female band, and that they were opening for such a powerhouse band of rocker dudes.

When I got to my seat and the lights dimmed for The Aces, I found myself incredibly pumped to see their stage presence, and hear what they were all about. They were the perfect opening act in my opinion, enough upbeat songs to get everyone grooving, and enough talking to get people excited about their sound. The lead singer, Cristal Ramirez, was dancing around, going side to side, waving at people in the crowd, all the things that get a crowd even more excited to see the main act. She introduced one of their songs, “Fake Nice”, with the phrase, “Boston, have you ever met someone who’s a little fake nice?” which of course earned a cheer from the audience. The guitarist, Katie Henderson, also said that the guys of 5SOS are, “exactly how you guys would picture them”, which is important for fans to hear. Fans, including myself, often paint these rock stars as a certain image in their minds, and that validation from a female in the industry was a reassuring feeling.

This opening act was very different from the previous ones 5SOS have had on tour with them, ones that most people skipped, but this time, everyone was cheering The Aces on. 5SOS’ third album is more mature than what they have released before, and it was refreshing to see they chose a mature opening act with a sound that complements their new sound.

Overall, The Aces were a 10/10 opening act for 5SOS, they were so happy to be there, and even set up an impromptu meet and greet outside the venue after the show. They were eager to meet all of us, make connections, and show us their music, which is so important for openers. When I returned to my car, I immediately downloaded their albums and EPs, and haven’t stopped listening since. The energy, stage presence, girl power, and solid tunes made this band stick out, and I’m looking forward to see what else they do.