Years & Years Put On An Unforgettable Performance

By Samantha Schraub

“Thanks for coming tonight, we know you had a lot of choices,” says Years & Years singer Olly Alexander mid-set. This past Friday (October 12), Years & Years shimmied their way over to Boston’s Paradise Rock Club for a sold-out lively night of love, laughter, and well - music, in support of their new album Palo Santo. It was a busy night in the city, with concerts happening at nearly every venue, but there was no better way to celebrate National Coming Out Day (albeit a day late) than with UK trio Years & Years. While the younger audience was likely bopping around downtown at Troye Sivan’s show at the Wang Theatre, and Florence Welch embodied the strength and magic of women over at TD Garden,   the audience at Years & Years was largely male, mid/late 20’s, and yet an absolute frenzy of dancing and laughter amid a year of toil and a week of office work. The night kicked off with a standout performance by CYN who has managed to stun everyone who has listened to her with her standout vocals. Years & Years opened with fan favorite “Sanctify,” sending the crowd into a delight, and summoning pride flags into the air. “Take Shelter,” a slightly more sultry song, sent a rose from the hand in the audience into Olly’s hand with which he then hold the beauty flower in delight. Throughout the night, there was nothing but dancing - even during more tame songs like “Eyes Shut.” It was a beautiful night and a reminder that music  is one of the central things that allows us to express our full identities.