Seratones Exude Confidence, Love, and “POWER” with their New Album

By Katie Leigh

For the first time in three years, Shreveport, Louisiana locals Seratones have released a new album entitled POWER (released August 23). The soul rock band’s members—A.J. Haynes (vocals, guitar), Travis Stewart (guitar), Adam Davis (bass), Tyran Coker (keyboard), and Jesse Gabriel (drums)—have clearly worked together in dazzling harmony to create a record full of passionate tracks that’s worth every minute.

While Seratones’ first album Get Gone is just as incredible, it is clear that it had more punk-inspired elements, while POWER is much more reminiscent of soul. Lead singer A.J. Haynes’ background in singing at her church in Louisiana is evident as she belts throughout the album. Each track seems to be packed with divine choruses, beats, and riffs.

The opening track “Fear” is reminiscent of old school doo-wop and Motown soul, with a bold bassline and powerful vocals from Haynes proclaiming that, “Fear is the weight of the world / coming down with no love in return,” backed with a dreamy choral ensemble. Track “Lie to My Face” is similarly evocative of the 1950’s and 60’s in terms of its sound.

“Crossfire,” the final track of the album, is an otherworldly piano ballad with divine vocals and a beautiful guitar solo tucked away at the end. The passion and elegance exhibited in this track is what truly won me over and made me fall in love with this incredible album.

As the album closes, tracks “Sad Boi” and “Power” add upbeat energy, bursting with confidence. In the album’s title track, Haynes declares that, “We take two steps forward, they take one step backward. We take each step cause We. Have. The. Power.” Through this record, Seratones exhibited and controlled their raw and beautiful power with flawless grace—make sure to check it out!

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