The Dune Flowers Reflect on Romance with "Come On"

By Thomas Rodriguez

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The Dune Flowers came through with a beautiful, folk-tinged ballad that’s light on the ears, but heavy on the heart with their newest release, “Come On.”

It’s always fascinating to see how the past and present of rock music combines to make something familiar, yet altogether different. It’s a cycle that often repeats in the genre, and can produce some truly great lyrical moments and musical motifs. Rock outfit The Dune Flowers perfectly demonstrate this, creating a smooth combination of nostalgic rock with their own personal flair on this single.

A breezy track revolving around simple yet effective acoustics, pillowy drums, and subtle tones in the background, “Come On” radiates comfortable energy. It very much seems inspired by the efforts of The Beatles and The Beach Boys’ sweetened, warm production, but it still has enough bite on its own, drawing attention to some nice bass licks and pretty vocal harmonies.

Simply put, the best way to describe the gorgeous sound of “Come On” is a picturesque picnic amongst a field of flowers, free from the threat of bees stinging you or a loved one as you lay on a blanket drinking a sweet drink of your choice.

The true potency of “Come On,” however, stems from its theming. The song itself, as stated by Tyler Drager, is about a close friend undergoing a “weird relationship that wasn’t going to end well.” The moody undertones of this track juxtapose greatly with the airy instrumental, crafting what seems to be a false peace, a tinge of tension before heartbreak occurs. The unnamed friend had had experiences with this in the past, as both Drager and the lyrics explain, further solidifying the sincerity and relatability of the track. The hook itself is memorable—despite its carefree nature—and helps the track succeed at being an equally melancholy, but heartfelt experience.

Overall, I think “Come On” is great. The sound of it is sweet as honey, while the songwriting and lyrics are incredibly personal and potent. I highly suggest you check it and the rest of Dune Flowers’ work out!

Cover photo by Susie McKeon, featured in Issue 13

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