Good Cop Bad Cop Release Dreamy Self Titled Debut Album

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By: Hailey Hale

It seems that in today’s music, 80’s synth-pop is making its glorious comeback, and while a lot of artists are attempting it, nobody does it better than British duo Good Cop Bad Cop. The group is comprised of two iconic musicians, Matt Helders and Joe Carnall, who are putting their strengths together to create the perfect nostalgic rock sound that will have you listening on repeat. Their self- titled album, Good Cop Bad Cop,  doesn’t shy away from this unique sound, but instead utilizes it to its fullest extent making for the perfect dreamy debut album.

Title track ‘When You’re Not Winning’ highlights all that the album has to offer with its whimsical electronic sound and calming vocals. Sonically this song feels like it could be the opening scene of a great 80’s rom-com. Lyrically it encompasses the feeling of dread you have when life keeps dealing you a losing card and you feel as if you’re the only one getting knocked down. This song perfectly sets the scene for the rest of the album,  as the 10 remaining tracks follow the same theme, creating a very well put together piece of music.

The crowning moment of the album has to be the second track ‘Silk And Leather’. Its upbeat and bouncy synth makes you want to stand up and dance all of your cares away. The chorus is nothing short of perfection as its main focus is on the sound - which could also be featured in an 80’s movie - and because of the carefully paid attention on the sonic capabilities of the song, it transports you to a different time entirely, effectively shifting all of the listeners’ attention to the track. Accompanying the song is a literal good cop bad cop music video that introduces the duo in an ingenious way. With the video’s beautiful cinematography and enrapturing storyline, it only adds to the song’s already great proficiency.

Every song on the album sounds like it belongs, making it one cohesive piece of art, which is a hard thing to do. Good Cop Bad Cop has only been a duo for a short amount of time but, with their extensive musical backgrounds it seems as if they have been creating music together for decades. Good Cop Bad Cop is a debut album on a level that many artists aspire to compose, so for them to release it with only one single before it is a major feat in itself. Matt Helders and Joe Carnall know music and they know it well, so make sure to check out Good Cop Bad Cop as it is a musical masterpiece that you need to experience.