The Hails Release 'Cabaret'


By: Carly Tagen-Dye

There’s something to be said for groups who can grab an audience in a few swift notes. The Hails, comprised of Robbie Kingsley (vocals), Dylan McCue (guitar), Franco Solari (guitar), Andre Escobar (bass), and Zach Levy (drums), have been doing just that. With their electrifying and emotional alt-rock songs, the band has earned a loyal following in and around their hometown of Gainesville, Florida over the last year. Singles like “Stay” and “Younger” played out to great reception. It comes as no surprise that the group should return with another track to add to their growing repertoire. “Cabaret,” released April 5, is an invitation into the Hails’ enchanting world; one that will definitely have you wishing for another one soon.

With its pulsing bassline and deep backbeat, you are fully immersed in the track within the first few moments. “Cabaret” follows the speaker after he loses his love during a night out. Kingsley’s vocals are mesmerizing as he lures the listener in at every turn. He croons about the girl at a club, everything he wants to tell her coming out in intricate and heartfelt lyrics. Solari and McCue provide rhythmic guitar that trickle throughout, while Levy stays steady on the drums, Glover following suit with his riffs.The speaker unfortunately realizes his night will not end happily (“For hours, for minutes, I can’t find her, she left with you”). He winds up alone, wishing everything would stay as it once was. Speaking for the moments and relationships we all wish we could go back to, the single wraps up just as heartfelt.

“Cabaret” is a mystifying glance into what the Hails are all about. It is captivating and complex, each part effortlessly seeping into one another. The track feels like a fresh perspective of the band, all the while staying true to their lively and lowkey sound listeners fell in love with. If anything, “Cabaret” is here to help push the Hails into the spotlight they deserve. It is a clear indicator that the group is going to be on everyone’s radars soon.