The Driver Era Releases Atmospheric Single "Feel You Now"

The Driver Era

The Driver Era

By: Gregory Gagliardi

“Feel You Now,” the latest song from The Driver Era - comprised of brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch - combines sounds of 90’s alternative pop/rock with atmospheric synths and grooves.

The song is an audio transcription of a conflicted mind. Over a rocking bass and a woozy synth, the band harmonizes and sings about the struggle of finding peace between your head and your heart, fear or love.

A lot is going on in "Feel You Now," some would even argue too much. Though not necessarily a bad thing, throughout different parts of the song, part of me considers the track alternative rock with a hint of 90's flair. However, the chorus reminds me of a 60’s jam band singing at Woodstock, which doesn't necessarily fit that retro atmospheric vibe I mentioned previously.

This poppy single deserves all the streams it achieves, but in the streaming service era where a song can die after a week of streams you begin to ask the end all question, does the song has longevity? When you think about it, anyone can make a hit record or even a hit album. Few artists can do it multiple times. When I hear a song like "Feel You Now" I say, this is good, but this song has been done better. Think about it like this: Drake is arguably the most prominent artist in the United States, but his last album "Scorpion" failed to impact hip-hop. Sure, he set streaming records, but the album isn't a classic. It did not progress music. "Feel You Now" is the same. Commercially it has been a success, but musically it sounds a bit formulaic for me personally.

I’m hoping to see what The Driver Era has up their sleeve for their next release!