You're Going to Want to Try Chase Atlantic's Newest EP, "DON'T TRY THIS"

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Records

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Records

By: Amelia Zollner

There are lots of things we’re told not to try. But rules are made to be broken, right? That’s exactly what Chase Atlantic does on their newest EP, “DON’T TRY THIS”: they break the rules. Even though Chase Atlantic’s newest EP is called “DON’T TRY THIS”, and the title is plastered on the album cover like a warning label, I’m going to have to recommend that you do ‘try this’.

The EP is an exploration of the band’s ability to destroy the confining boxes of genres. Chase Atlantic has been known for their unparalleled sound, as their music mixes hip-hop, alternative, and R&B into a patchwork quilt of genres, one that the band accurately described as “nocturnal bliss” during a recent interview with Heart Eyes Magazine.

The EP opens with “WHAT U CALL THAT”, which feels tailor-made to be blasted at a house party. It’s filled with a booming bass line and a trap beat that plays as band members Mitchel Cave and Christian Anthony swap verses. This song is definitely one of the EP’s strong spots, as it’s meticulously produced and undeniably danceable. The next song, “YOU TOO.”, is slightly more laidback in comparison and features an unexpected saxophone solo, showcasing the band’s versatility.

“LIKE A ROCKSTAR”, the EP’s most popular single, deals with the concept of drugs tying into musical careers. It’s slightly cliche, but it doesn’t fail to acknowledge that the culture shouldn’t necessarily be glorified, which is potentially why the EP is titled “DON’T TRY THIS”.

“DEVILISH” is the EP’s most aggressive track. It’s a little overproduced and cluttered at times, but vocalist Mitchel Cave adds in some neat dark imagery to convey the song’s theme.

The EP closes with two slower tracks, “GREENGREENGREEN” and “LUST”. “LUST” is a great song to end the EP with, employing an upbeat melody and the band’s typical electronic drums to create a smooth feeling.

Chase Atlantic’s newest EP “DON’T TRY THIS” is filled with genre-bending songs that manifest the plasticity of the band’s style. Some of its lyrics are predictable and detail themes that are often overused, but the album’s instrumentals mostly overshadow this, making it an EP to check out.