Fade Awaays Latest Release, "Taste of Life," is a Mega-Underrated Jumble of Musical Goodness

Fade Awaays

Fade Awaays

By: Emma Schoors

The first song on the EP to be released, on Sep, 21st of 2018, was “Get Along”. It served as a perfect choice for the band’s first release on major music platforms. “Kentucky” followed soon after in Dec. Both tunes sport a genre mix of alternative, punk, and pop.

“She Don’t Know Why” is currently the track off the EP getting the most traction, and for good reason. It’s a lyrical success in that the mood of the instruments echo a more confident version of the words. The vocals are strung out where needed, but never strained. Just as rich instrumentally as the song starts off, the start of the chorus booms, “I get so very frustrated with the fact that I can never look you in the eyes.” The end of the chorus takes on a similarly personal tone, “Why do you ask all the answers to questions that you already know?” before jumping into a melodic yet punk-ish vibing guitar part.

The title track is a similar feat full of harmonious vocals and simple yet perfectly-timed guitars. The song progresses smoothly into a pre-chorus of a more ballad-esque nature before going back into the same blunt guitar parts. “Seal Beach Saint” is a more punk sounding tune. Reminiscing the early 90’s punk, the song takes a more surf-rock persona going into the first verse. The vocals bring a pop-punk aspect.

“Kentucky” is the perfect chance for vocals to shine through. The guitars are more light and airy to compliment the raspy lyrical content. This transitions into “Voodoo Girl”, a bass-infused track with soft guitars. The track delves deeper into the alt-rock genre. The lyrics are just haunting enough to sound romantic and just desperate enough to sound persuasive. “Feelings Don’t Show” is arguably the best instrumental track. The guitars are just timely enough to seem effortless yet ultra-groovy. The vocals play a bit of an instrumental role themselves in completing the chords. The chorus is explosive with contrasting lyrics, “I’m in denial, I feel like a child.”

Fade Awaays are bound to make it big in the near future, and getting familiar with their current catalogue is essential.