New Music Friday: February 15th

Though the week of the ever-dreaded Valentine’s Day was upon us this week, it didn’t keep our writers down from finding some new tunes to share with our readers. Check out our first edition of New Music Friday, featuring Here’s To You, pronoun, The Mowgli’s, Fanfickk, Jerry Williams, and King Complex!

Photo by Gina Scarpino

Photo by Gina Scarpino

Burning Alive by Here’s To You

If you’re wondering where the native New York, pop-punk band Here’s To You have been since 2015, they may have just answered your question. After taking a four year hiatus to focus on writing and production, they have finally released their new single ‘Burning Alive’. It is a creative spin on old punk sounds and goes to show that the genre is still alive and well in 2019.

After playing together for almost a decade, the band has seen many changes in music and have had time to strengthen their dynamic, so it only seems fitting that this single is nothing short of genius. The guitar is unyielding and absolutely shreds, while the drums take the forefront of all the sound to deliver a hard beat, and all of this is tied together by the electric vocals that soar over everything else. Their sound is everything you would want from your typical pop-punk band, except Here’s To You is definitely not typical as ‘Burning Alive’ defies time and brings the punk sound we grew up on to a new and improved level.

‘Burning Alive’  is the leading single off of their upcoming EP Wonder/Wander: Phase I that will represent their first year of hiatus. There will be three EP’s in total this year that will eventually come together to make the bands sophomore album, but this song might be the most important out of all of them. ‘Burning Alive’ was the fastest song that the band had ever produced and it all came about so effortlessly it’s almost hard to believe how good it came out. It goes to show that taking a little time off to hone your craft is not a bad thing at all, especially when you are a rising group.

With how amazing this first single is I can only anticipate that their album will be one that rockets its way into the charts and have fans around the world impatiently waiting for whatever they have in store next. Here’s To You is a band whose talents should not be overlooked.   — Hailey Hale

stay by pronoun

Just in time for those who find themselves single on Valentine’s Day, indie pop artist pronoun has released her newest single, “stay”, a breakup anthem that’s incredibly cathartic and bold.

‘stay’ is the first of her upcoming album i’ll show you stronger. During the song’s verses, pronoun lets everything go, spilling out every emotion that accompanies the pain of a breakup while describing everything running through her head through incredibly visual lyrics. She makes herself vulnerable, and she’s not afraid to admit this, boldly belting out, “Feels like I’m standing in the middle of the road”.

Sonically, this song is a bit of a detour from pronoun’s typical style, as it highlights a stronger guitar part and rougher vocals. It’s a welcomed change, though, and it aids in carrying the anger of a breakup admirably.

pronoun’s newest single provides a favorable look at her upcoming album, and it’s dazzlingly catchy, yet visceral, and proves that pronoun, although new to releasing music, has a promising road ahead. — Amelia Zollner


Norman Rockwell by The Mowgli’s

This song is genius. Not just because of the killer vocals and melody. (Can you tell I love The Mowgli’s?) But the title matches the theme perfectly! The track Norman Rockwell is clearly inspired by the late American artist of the same name. Norman Rockwell (1894-1978) is most famous for his depictions of common American life in The Saturday Evening Post.

“Without thinking too much about it in specific terms, I was showing the America I knew and observed to others who might not have noticed.” - Norman Rockwell

In “Norman Rockwell” The Mowgli’s have done the same. But instead of depicting the blessings of family and freedom, The Mowgli’s build a case against mediocrity by mourning complacency. They depict an average American, craving so much more than what a day-in-the-life has to offer. This song is for every heart that longs to break free from the mundane.

Dear The Mowgli’s,

Count me in. — McKayla Dyk


Pity Party by Fanfickk

New Zealand indie artist Fanfickk just released her newest single, “Pity Party.” Departing from her usual synth-pop style, “Pity Party” approaches  a more grungy sound and has a bit of an angry edge. Despite its Valentine’s Day release, Fanfickk’s newest track is far from romantic. With lyrics like “Sleeping sixteen hours a day / I tell all my friends that I’m okay” and “I know I’m not talented / I know that my accent sounds stupid,” coupled with almost mechanical backing tracks (produced largely by mixing samples of her cat meowing) and cynical delivery, “Pity Party” sharply contrasts the typical Valentine’s Day love song.

Fanfickk records all her music in her bedroom closet, often supervised by the aforementioned cat, Dumpling. She’s part of a new generation of DIY musicians who don’t need a studio or a label to help them follow their passions. “Pity Party” hails back to a DIY scene of the past, riot grrl, but adds the technological finishes of more recent years. Watch for the track’s music video on February 28; until then, listen to “Pity Party” on your favorite streaming service now. — Amy Paine

Photo by Phoebe Fox

Photo by Phoebe Fox

David At The Bar by Jerry Williams

On January 11, 2019 the British musician and songwriter Jerry Williams released the first single from her upcoming debut album “David At The Bar.” The track is primarily played on acoustic guitar which showcases Williams’ soft melodic voice. The track has a youthful tone to it, and tells the true story of a man named David who seems to be struggling to keep his life together. The lyrics “Here's to a good life, here's to a long life. You're gonna have a good life, just don't do what I did.” may come from this David at the bar, but can just as easily be the kind of advice gotten from anyone who has screwed up enough in their life to think they've ruined it. The track is incredibly insightful and can be exactly what someone needs to hear to help them stay afloat.

Jerry Williams is slated to play at SXSW later this Spring, and if her previous touring experience is any indication she'll put on a great set. — Angela Smith

Body Language by King Complex

Electronic pop duo King Complex are at it again. The Florida natives brought fun back to the scene with the release of their single “Dark Disco” last year. “Body Language”, the second track from their upcoming LP, is another song you can, and should, be dancing to. Lead singer Bracher Brown draws listeners in with his sensuous vocals, speaking to that indescribably painful feeling of wanting someone you can’t have. He croons to his “blue-eyed baby”, lyrics dripping with a kind of hunger as he scours after her love. Paired with a wailing guitar solo, as well as drummer Cody Doss’ techno-based beat, it’s hard not to get caught up in the group’s infectious charm.

With its indie infused stamina and bumping bassline, “Body Language” is a track that will have you moving in no time. It steps towards a new and adventurous sound, while still embracing the classic King Complex style that fans have come to love. This single truly hints at an amazing album to come. — Carly Tagen-Dye