'Faith', A Dance Song Based in Karma to Hold Your Own Faith In: Review

Photo by Marc Gabor

Photo by Marc Gabor

By: Alex Hopkins

It can be easy to let go of your old loves, to take the higher road in the light of a breakup of any kind and forget what once was. However, it is both an easy and a blissfully-sweet feeling to take the higher road, look back and realize that what you were leaving is burning down with your feelings for it, and no more is this the feeling that fuels TiLLie’s new single, “Faith”.

Though it hints at points of melancholy throughout the song, it’s the triumph performed by this former indie-pop turned alt-pop singer/songstress that takes center stage. Starting with a fazed haze and eerie tone, the song suddenly bursts with thunderbolt-esque of energy that carries it throughout. The song is unsettling in the best of ways, with blaring snare drums, an uneasy groove to the chorus, tagged alongside tiLLie’s broken vocal performances to make a wonderful piece of alternative pop.

That chaotic joy is not just a mood set by the music itself but tied in the lyrical content as well. While there is a certain aura of carelessness that surrounds the production on “Faith”, it’s tiLLie’s bellowing energy that lets the somber moments shine brighter. A set of lyrics like “Where is my side of the story?/Took me to the edge/My ribs, the corner of the bed” can be spectacularly said in any other song: however, it is made more special by tiLLIe’s delivery that encapsulates the perfect edge of alternative pop acts such as her, with an added bite to top off its energy.

A song with its ups and downs in all the best ways, “Faith” is a promising new single from tiLLie, showing that there’s bliss in the keeping of alternative pop trends and the destruction of one’s self when you have been wronged on your own. The single from TiLLie is one of a handful of new singles for the artist (“Pink and Blue”, “Hungover a Feeling”). Though she has yet to release neither an EP or LP under her new name, she is joining the band Cherry Pools for their tour this Spring as an opening act. Catch her opening for the band this Spring, and check out her new single!