Emily Brophy Releases New Single, 'Save Me'

Emily Brophy

Emily Brophy

By: Amy Paine

On January 18th, singer-songwriter Emily Brophy released her newest single, “Save Me.” Produced by Pat Kiloran of the rapidly-growing indie pop trio MILKK, “Save Me” shows off Brophy’s vocal and lyrical prowess. A simple, echoing melody backs Brophy’s soft vocals as she begs “I believed you could save me / Can you save me?”

Despite her young age of sixteen and her small town roots, Emily Brophy’s music stands up to stars like Billie Eilish and clairo. Her dreamy bedroom pop sound allows her soft, gentle voice to shine and lets listeners hear every lyric clearly. From the first line, “You were my sun, but you fell just as fast as the moon,” Brophy sets up a story of fading love that continues throughout the song. 

Brophy gained local popularity by playing coffee shops and record stores near her home. She has gained a small following over the past three years, but she has the potential to reach a wider audience with the release of “Save Me.”