Club Paradise Defies Genres With New Track, 'Sugar'

Club Paradise

Club Paradise

By: Hailey Hale

In mid-2018, the world was introduced to the energetic, innovative, indie pop group, Club Paradise and their newest single ‘Sugar’, which has taken the alt-pop genre by storm. The four piece from Newcastle are fairly fresh in the game, but are showing that they aren’t here to play by releasing two irresistibly catchy debut singles, in which the band has already garnered comparisons to those such as Foals and Sundara Karma. With those shoes to fill, some people would back away from the challenge, but it seems that the quartet of Club Paradise has eagerly stepped up to the plate and are ready to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with, especially after releasing ‘Sugar’.

Just as the name suggests it to be, their latest track is as sweet as candy with its plucky guitar and soaring vocals. This is the kind of song that you could put on at a party and everyone would like it, because even though it leans more towards a poppy sound, it also has a strong undertone of edginess that makes it such a versatile piece.

In modern day music it’s hard to find a band that pushes the boundaries of genres to create songs that can’t be labeled into one group, yet ‘Sugar’ so effortlessly defies all set expectations for what a pop group should sound like.  In fact, it’s hard to even call them a pop group as both of their singles are so unlike anything other pop artists are currently putting out.

A genre-defying sound is not all that Club Paradise has to offer — not even close. The skills that each of the members have is so extraordinary that you would think they were a well-seasoned band. The vocals are powerful and raw, which help tell of the darker story that ‘Sugar’ is conveying. This is all contrasted with an buoyant, almost happy guitar and a beat that makes you want to get up and dance, despite the edgy meaning of the song. The contradiction between lyrics and sound is so effortlessly utilized that you can tell the quartet put a lot of thought and consideration into making this track. This proves that even though Club Paradise is at their beginning stages, they will be a band to watch out for on global charts, for they are truly something new and exciting that the world will want to hear more of.

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