Wild Youth Drops Infectious Track, 'Making Me Dance'

Wild Youth

Wild Youth

By: Tommy Rodriguez

It’s always nice to hear new tracks, especially in the musical desert known as “January Releases”. This new track (titled “Making Me Dance) by up and coming indie rock/pop rock outfit Wild Youth has a serious chance of being a hit for the charts. And I’m not exaggerating: this new song has the perfect title for a dance rock jam.

The first thing you’ll catch on “Making Me Dance” is its instrumental: it’s synthetic, but still has a heavy presence with its milky bass and steady hand percussion. It may be a bit jarring to hear it from an indie rock act, but it fits the core theme of the track extremely well, and is easily its main draw. The club groove is steady, unflinching in its itch to get your legs and hips moving. In addition to this, the vocals throughout match the synthetic tone relatively well, especially on the catchy as hell chorus. They’re very similar to the instrumental: their glossy finish and pop sensibility are present, but carry the track to a pleasant groove.

Lyrically, the track can be a bit of a mixed bag around the verses, especially with the constant references and comparisons to other artists, brands, and musical genres entirely. Hearing the song be compared to hip hop is a bit vanilla, but the chorus makes up for it in its cutesy simplicity. The refrain is much more memorable than the verses, but the issue still lies in the brand bars in between said refrains.

Despite its lyrical hiccups here and there, and overall synthetic, pop driven sound being a bit off putting at first,”Making Me Dance” does exactly what it sets out to do. It’ll make some part of your body move along to its great groove, and that chorus will stick in your head for days...

Try it out!