Hinds "New For You" Song Review

By Ava Butera

The alternative rock band hailing from Spain, known as Hinds, are back with new music. Hinds’ debut, Leave Me Alone, was released in 2016, showing that these girls don’t want you to forget about them; they want listeners to be engulfed by their music. Leave Me Alone was a smash hit in the indie music world and these girls did countless months of touring, until the fall of 2017, when they went back home to record songs for their new upcoming album, I Don’t Run.

    Hinds’ new song, “New For You” opens with a folky, yet very rock influenced guitar intro. It then leads into all girls singing group vocals on this light and airy song, that still stays along the lines of their typical style. This song sounds a lot like their older work, rough yet produced. Anything that Hinds does is done with dedication and turns out to be effortlessly cool. “New For You” is a begging-like love song portraying one partner vying for the other’s attention and possibly changing themselves to be new for them.

    Hinds’ album I Don’t Run, is set to be released on April 6th. In accordance with that, they will be embarking on a large North American and European tour.

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