“Blue Gasoline” is a Soothingly Eerie, Impressive Single For Not-So-New Newcomers



By: Alex Hopkins

For a band that only formed three years ago, the rise Airways have had is quite impressive all things considered. Forming in 2015 and releasing only an EP (2017’s Starting to Spin) and a handful of singles, the quartet has been creeping into the public eye with the popularity of their single “One Foot” on Radio 1, as well as praise from publications such as Clash Magazine.

But while they continue to support worldwide tours and before releasing another EP slated for 2019, we got a taste of this new material with “Blue Gasoline”. Songs of theirs in the past deliver a familiarly eerie sound with fluid guitars and a sense for the self-biographically misguided all to an interesting listen. Though “Blue Gasoline” is fitting for this band’s sound, it does take them into a rather melancholic territory to the sound that allows them to shine brighter than ever before.

The song has a candid voice to it that speaks volumes alongside what the lyrics present as a saddening image, a relationship gone sour as they both cling to whatever they have left. It feels as if it has a sense of natural, enraged control all the while succumbing to an overwhelming feeling unannounced or unwanted, aided in full by the willing vocality of lead singer Jake Daniels. Cruising alongside Daniels’ outwardly singing comes a heavy, yet smoother groove stood out by a pseudo-shoegaze riff from bassist Jamie Reynolds. All of these combine into a song that, though similar in sound to their other collection of songs, shows a kind of potential in this band that feels free and, like their future, ever-so promising.

Catch Airways supporting fellow UK band Razorlight on the remaining dates of their tour, and listen to “Blue Gasoline” below.