Taylor Janzen releases "New Mercies" - A Song That Plucks At Your Heartstrings

Taylor Janzen

Taylor Janzen

By: Hailey Hale

19-year-old Taylor Janzen shows that she knows how to pluck at your heartstrings with her new single, “New Mercies,” and she knows how to do it well. Growing up she had trouble communicating her feelings with her friends or peers, so she decided to voice her struggles through song. Her powerful new single details the feeling of frustration in wanting to believe in a better tomorrow, while also harboring a suspicion that the future will be nothing more than dismal.

There’s something about the raw, candid way she plays that makes you relate and sympathize with her struggles. The simplistic guitar and powerful vocals have a way of impacting you, seemingly without trying. With lyrics that leave you with a sense of longing for a new beginning and guitar riffs that add some good old fashioned country twang, you can practically feel the pain and frustration she is singing about.

Janzen’s music is powerful, personal, and beautiful. Her transparency with the struggles she has faced is truly admirable, and if she continues creating new music as impactful as “New Mercies” she’ll be hitting the charts in no time. Taylor Janzen is truly the artist to look out for in 2019.