SMALLPOOLS Drop Infectious New Track, "Downtown Fool Around"



By: Emily Usallan

Indie rock band, SMALLPOOLS, who have recently resurfaced within the alternative music scene, have gained numerous supporters in recent years by opening for bands such as Walk The Moon and Twenty One Pilots. Previously, the band has been most known for their exalting debut album, LOVETAP!, with the single, “Dreaming” being one of the most renowned songs; this new-found recognition helped support the selling out of almost every venue on their headlining tours during that album cycle.

Shortly after releasing their new song, “Stumblin’ Home”, a sprightly and electrifying song, it quickly reached number 55 on the Alternative Radio Charts. In continuation of promoting their new EP, So Social, which will be released December 7th, they released another single, “Downtown Fool Around”. This new single seems to be heavier on the rock side of alternative; featuring intricate guitar sounds and stimulating vocals. Compared to the other two singles released off the EP, “Stumblin’ Home” mentioned previously, and “Social”, this song seems to be the outlier of the group; less of a pop anthem and gives off more of a rough edge and rebel vibe.

SMALLPOOLS has announced a headlining tour for So Social, in which they will be stopping in major cities: Nashville, Philadelphia,New York City, and many more. The new EP will consist of five songs; this will be their second EP after their debut album. I do not expect anything less than success for this EP and look forward to hearing more of SMALLPOOLS all over alternative radio stations.