The Regrettes Release Powerful New Track, "Poor Boy"

By: Ava Butera

The riot grrrl and punk-influenced alternative rock band, The Regrettes have been pumping out new music constantly, it seems like as of late. Between the recent release of their debut album Feel Your Feelings Fool! And the more recent release of their track “California Friends” the young band is unstoppable! Within the past few months, The Regrettes have also received praise and acclaim for their sets at major festivals such as Lollapalooza (I got to witness this set in person, and I was instantly hooked!), Audiotree, and Tropicalia to name a few. Although the band has underwent some lineup changes, including the departure of drummer Maxx Morando and bassist Sage Chavis, the band has remained strong and quickly found great replacements.

The other day I noticed yet another release from one of my new favorite bands, a song called “Poor Boy”. I hit play, listened, and was instantly moved by the lyrical content. This is a reaction I often feel when listening to The Regrettes. Although she’s the same age as me (18) frontwoman, Lydia Night is a phenomenal lyricist for someone so new to the music industry. She writes so freely, conveys her point perfectly, and definitely does each song justice in the delivery, especially with the help of equally talented band members, guitarist Genessa Gariano, drummer Drew Thomsen, and newest Regrettes addition, bassist Violet Mayugba. The way the band delivers their sounds with a punch and power, something I cannot find in other bands at the moment is truly remarkable.

After more reading and receiving information regarding the song, “Poor Boy” details the constant attention and sympathy abusers in today’s society are receiving. Unlike any other bands I’ve seen, they openly discuss sexual assault and rape culture. The Regrettes claimed to have been inspired to write this song after seeing countless men get away with crimes they obviously committed. However, the Brett Kavanaugh vs. Christine Ford case is what sparked their motivation to go through with taking this song to the next level, and then releasing it to listeners.

I’m always pleased and surprised with whatever The Regrettes produce next, “Poor Boy” not being an exception. We need more bands like The Regrettes who use their platform positively and inform listeners and fans about the dangers of real life situations as well as political issues.

The band is encouraging fans to donate to the anti-sexual assault organization, RAINN here.

Go listen to “Poor Boy” now! You can check out the lyric video down below!