The Neighbourhood 'Hard' EP Review

By Jada Moore

Almost two years since the release of their second studio album Wiped Out!, The Neighbourhood has finally re-emerged. With the release of a new five-track EP titled Hard, the band delivers solid new songs with sounds and lyrics reminiscent of what made us first fall in love with the band, while simultaneously introducing some new concepts we haven't seen from them before.

Up first on the EP is a track titled Roll Call. It starts with a retro feel, Jesse's voice beginning to carry the lyrics. There's a hint of autotune added for effect, but just the perfect amount. Retro Call has this mysterious, haunting vibe to it that makes it one of my favorites off the EP.

Next up is You Get Me So High, my personal favorite. I don't know what it is exactly, but this song has a more mysterious and pleasing feel; it reminds me more of The Neighbourhood's first album I Love You. While more slowed down, the song still manages to deliver a “get up and dance effect,” which is enticing and fun.

Next, we travel to the third track on the EP, Noise, which embodies the new vibe The Neighbourhood seems to be traveling toward. While this song is another more slowed down song, it still manages to be an anthem in the way only a Neighbourhood song can. This one reminds me more of a song that'd play during a scene in a movie. There's nothing more I love than the perfect song to match the perfect moment.  

Fourth on the lineup is 24/7. As it starts, it reminds me of the 80s. Then, almost immediately, the kind of sound The Neighbourhood made us fall in love with hits. This one is definitely one of the more upbeat and catchier songs on the EP, and the story it tells is enchanting. Definitely a song to listen to 24/7.

The final track of the EP, cleverly titled Sadderdaze, is the slowest and the saddest song. Its somber tone makes it another one of my favorites off the EP. The song features beautiful violins, which go hand-in-hand with the feel of the song. This song will definitely be for a day when you're feeling down and need a song to fit your mood. Sadderdaze is the perfect way to round out the EP.

Hard is definitely one of my favorite releases The Neighbourhood has put out. It encompasses all of the right lyrics and sounds for the perfect reemergence for the band. The Neighbourhood’s triumphant return showcases everything we love about the band. Give Hard a listen and get ready for The Neighbourhood comeback.