Last Dinosaurs: A Band You Should Listen To

By Katherine Stallard

Last Dinosaurs, an Australian indie pop band, are a band with a long record of creating killer tracks that sound and feel different than most. Similar to bands like POP ETC and Phoenix, who expertly utilize synths and compelling guitar, Last Dinosaurs create cohesive albums that capture a signature and unbeatable upbeat and energetic tone.

Having a long and complicated history leading up to their current body of work, including losing a bandmate, Last Dinosaurs have been making music since early 2009 in their high school days. Consisting of Sean Caskey on vocals, Lachlan Caskey on lead guitar, Michael Sloane playing bass and Dan Koyama on drums, the boys are a closely guarded secret for those who know their music, releasing stellar tracks that few outside of their fanbase have had the opportunity to hear. Since their first released album of music, their 2010 EP Back From The Dead, Last Dinosaurs have only continued to grow musically and develop their carefully curated sound.

Freshman album, In A Million Years, marks the spot where Last Dinosaurs found their first spout of success with single “Honolulu”. Showcasing strong guitar influences and easy-listening, breathy vocals paired alongside lyrics of heartache that can apply to almost anyone, it was clear from this point forward that Last Dinosaurs was a band with immense potential.

However, their 2015 sophomore album, Wellness, was the album that truly changed the game. With tropically infused synths, echo-y, groovy vocals and rhythmic instrumentals that make you want to dance, Wellness channeled Last Dinosaurs talent in a new direction, towards breakthrough tracks that are entrancing, engaging, and infectious.

Singles like “Evie” manage to be both dreamy and incredibly irresistible, featuring the perfect balance of passionate vocals, thundering drums, and synths that keep the track moving. The chorus pleads, saying, ”I know the distances are far between us, can't let this go cause I'm always gonna be a dreamer,” creating a mantra that can be easily be screamed during a personal jam session. Another favorite track, “Karma”, is a shimmering, shoulder-rolling type of track with a pounding bassline that gives way to swelling guitar riffs, earning it a spot as a staple of Last Dinosaurs discography.

Other tracks like “Wurl” capture a gentler side of their music while still managing to capture an impeccable electricity and liveliness attest to their multi-faceted skills. The track “Wellness”, the namesake for their second album, echos an almost Tame Impala-like level of spacy, psychedelic groove.  

Alternative and indie music is a booming genre of today’s youth. With innovative and energetic influences from a multitude of genres, alternative and indie music quickly becomes the soundtrack to our high-paced lives. Although there are lots of options, Last Dinosaurs manages to rise above some of the others, entrancing listeners with intensely inspired music that, while being lyrically vague and carefree, delivers showstopping bops that would be a welcome addition to any occasion.

Listen to Last Dinosaurs here and see what they’re up to on their instagram here.