joan Returns With New Single "Tokyo"

By Peyton Rhodes

Joan may only newly have a whopping three songs out on streaming services currently, but they’ve already managed to capture a significant audience’s rapturous attention. When the Monday announcement of their new single, “Tokyo,” hit the band’s Twitter account, the reaction was explosive; newly minted and more veteran fans (as veteran as a fan of a band whose first song came out this year can be) expressed their anticipation for the band’s third release in overwhelming volume.

The song itself is more than deserving of the public support it’s receiving. “Tokyo” showcases all of the magic joan has to offer. The swelling drums, driving synth, and frontman Alan’s classically beautiful vocals continue on themes we’ve seen from previous releases “take me on” and “Love Somebody Like You.” “Tokyo’s” story of the early, sweet, I-would-do-anything-for-you stage of romance exemplifies the type of songwriting that made us fall in love with joan in the first place. The real treasure of the song is the chorus - the lyrics are catchy, the melody is undeniably hooky, and the bursts of psychedelic synth complete the effect in a way that you wouldn’t expect to work but absolutely, triumphantly does. The wait for new music from the Little Rock duo, just as before, turns out to be resoundingly worth it.

Joan’s ability to capture a crowd after only a year of existence and three released songs under their belt foretells a meteoric tale of success for this group. If “Tokyo” is any indicator, the (hopefully soon to follow) new music from joan will only continue to remind us why they deserve all the acclaim they’ve received thus far and more.

You can listen to "Tokyo" here: