Taylor Swift 'Reputation' Album Review

By Elizabeth Lee

After much anticipation, people have been turning left and right over this devious, new album titled Reputation.

Just this past week, fans have been patiently waiting to hear the new content released by the phenomenal and famous Taylor Swift. Her re-branding has been clever and smart, hinting at a complete new sound. And needless to say, her music is full of radiant energy, giving off a fresh vibe that is satisfactory. However, Swift may not be as innocent and sweet as she has been in the past. Her songs are full of confessions that share the good, the bad, and especially the ugly. As she shares her experiences from these past few years, her new image is exposed as one that is tough, and surely does not shy away from her emotions.

Swift’s tunes come with the intention of re-defining her image. The starter track “Ready for It?” introduces her new sound and new image. With heavy synthetic sounds and fast-paced words, she spins her new identity into one that is strong-willed and resilient. “Look What You Made Me Do” is a good-girl-gone-bad concept, where her darker side gets revealed. In “End Game,” she sings about her unstoppable quest to be someone’s lover, where Ed Sheeran and Future make a surprisingly pleasant collaboration. However, even with all of her tenacious characteristics, Swift still has a vulnerable side. In her song “Delicate,” she sings an honest and thoughtful piece that discusses her cautious manner about pursuing a relationship.

Most of the time, however, Swift sings about what she knows best: love and lust. Her upbeat and catchy song, “Gorgeous,” is about a helpless physical attraction that objectifies the image of men. “Dress” reveals her promiscuity that demonstrates body over mind. “Don’t Blame Me” defends how she is unable to resist temptation. These are just a few of the many tracks that demonstrate her uncontrollable feelings of the hopeless romantic in Taylor.  

Although she may have moved from her country ballads to pop hits, Swift is still the same songwriter. Her loyal fan base has appreciated her ability to formulate words into songs that they find so relatable. Her ability to fearlessly write her unfiltered thoughts has captivated many to see what she does next. Although you may not find her lyrics to be the most meaningful, you have to admit that her new image and catchy melodies have been left stuck in your head.

Swift’s new anthems are loud and aggressive. Reputation delivers songs that ultimately demonstrate her risky, criminal-loving behavior, as well as her mysterious and reckless attitude. However, we can also find her re-branding inventive and skillful, as well as her upbeat songs leaving us to break out on the dance floor. Thus, the only thing left to ask is: Is this new Taylor Swift for the better or for the worse?