Introducing Covey: A Video Premiere for Single, “Gecko” and Interview with Tom Freeman

By Erin Christie

Acclaimed Brooklyn-based indie-folk artist, Covey, is about to spring greatness onto the music world. Started by British multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Tom Freeman, Covey has continually shown stylistic prowess through and through. He cites gaining influence from artists such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Nick Drake, and Blink-182 (as surprising as that may be considering his much mellower demeanor musically).

Covey’s upcoming record, Some Cats Live, Some Cats Die, is to be released on the 1st of May via Antifragile Records, and it’s almost guaranteed to be stocked with absolute classics.  As we wait for the 1st, Covey released lead single, “Gecko,” just last month and exclusively for Heart Eyes Magazine readers, we are proud to premiere it’s accompanying video: 

Alongside this exclusive premiere, we had the chance to speak with Tom over e-mail and ask him about “Gecko,” his upcoming record, and the future of Covey.

Heart Eyes Magazine: This song is a perfect definition of melancholia, but the upbeat nature of the musical composition brings about more of a happy cry, as opposed to a depressed one (if that makes sense). Did anything specific inspire you to write “Gecko?”

Tom Freeman: Most of this record is a reflection on a period of time in my life about a year ago where I had to uproot my entire life. I resided in an old vacant house that belonged to a friend’s great uncle just outside of New York. I was there for three months having just left my life in Boston behind, including leaving someone I loved dearly, so I had an uncomfortable amount of time and space to reflect on everything and that’s when I started writing this record. “Gecko” was one of the first songs that poured out during this time spent isolated in the middle of nowhere. (A friend of mine named Matt Marino is putting a mini 5-minute video together outlining the making of this record and that house in particular as it’s such a central theme in the record). “Gecko” was one of the nicknames I had for that person. So this song was entirely inspired by them and being wrapped up in missing multiple aspects of them and a constantly present thought of them lingering, without the possibility of reaching out.


HEM: Cliché question, for sure, but what inspired the plotline of this video? 

TF: The video was put together by Justin Kaminuma, an amazing cinematographer already, at the age of 19. In the video, he outlines letting go of a home and a past that has been outgrown. This resonated with us both because at the time, I was uprooting my life. Justin was also moving away to college, so his own influences are present in this video as you can see.


HEM: Was it you in the bear costume, be honest?

TF: Haha, no it wasn't. I wish it was though. I have yet to full-fill my dream of becoming a giant bear with a bowtie. Maybe one day. 


HEM: In terms of Covey as a holistic project, it seems as though you have something up your sleeve, to be released in the next few months. Exclusively for Heart Eyes readers, what can be expected from you?

TF: There [are] a ton of things coming up in anticipation of this record: 2 more singles leading up to the full record release and two more music videos. There are a couple of live sessions I'm excited to release and will probably do many more as I'll be doing a lot of solo shows and sessions up until the record release show on May 31st at Mercury Lounge (in Brooklyn, NYC). (Note: Tickets are available here!)


HEM: Where do you hope to see yourself in the next year or two in terms of your musical career or in life in general?

TF: A year from now I just hope to still be making music I love and remain lucky enough to maintain that.

Regardless as to what the future holds, we look forward to following Tom’s musical career as it unfolds, and to see what lies in store for Covey within the next year. Great things are destined to be on the way!