Maggie Lindemann and Blink-182's Travis Barker Throw It Back with "Friends Go" Video

By Maria Kornacki

Maggie Lindemann teamed up with Blink-182’s Travis Barker to deliver a throwback-style punk remix of Maggie’s latest single, “Friends Go.” The 20-year old’s global pop smash “Pretty Girl” was just the start of her sound exploration. Maggie Lindemann has garnered over a billion streams since and has continued to be headstrong in her ability to harness new ideas. Identity remains at the forefront of her musical decisions.

The original “Friends Go” music video has garnered over one million streams in 48 hours. It has horns and hints of a surf-rock beat to keep the bubblegum pop sound alive. However, the remix unveils the tougher feelings of disconnect in a technology-driven society. “Pretty Girl” tackles a similar theme of being more than just a “song on your computer.” If I had to describe the sound of the “Friends Go” remix with Travis Barker in one phrase, it would be “mascara running.”

Maggie Lindemann.png

The muted colors and vocal quality tone down the pop influence of the previous music video. Graffiti on all three sides of the walls add to the brash alternative version of a radio hit. It gives off a garage band vibe, to say the least.

Whether she’s singing in front of a burning pink convertible or rocking out with a guitar and a flannel, the message in Maggie’s lyrics “I’m all by myself. Where did all my friends go?” is received loud and clear.  

From her billions of audio streams to millions of followers across her social media platforms, Maggie Lindemann is a prominent influence on her generation. She documents her perspective and sings to the world with conviction.

“Friends Go” speaks to a wide audience with various music preferences, ultimately expanding Maggie Lindemann’s reach. These releases are a build-up to her first full-length project, set to be released later in the year. Even more success is on the horizon.