Neaptide "Lead Boots" Music Video Premiere

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By: Livie Augustine

Neaptide, a four-man indie rock band from Atlanta, has already started their musical journey with their self-titled EP, Neaptide. In less than a year they already have accumulated thousands of streams on Spotify, and they have taken on yet another project—a music video for their song “Lead Boots”.

The video opens with a vlog style clip of the band’s bassist, Matthew Hare. After about five seconds of behind-the-scenes banter, the video begins.

A simple setting: four girls standing on a sunny lawn. It’s evident that they are meant to be counterparts of the Neaptide boys, especially when the music starts. The girls start jamming out, having an absolute blast, and their energy is what makes the video. Scene after scene it’s just them having fun, it’s simple and captivating to watch. The Georgia sunshine and bright colors of the video help maintain a poppy vibe. It brings about memories of brighter days and induces a certain nostalgic optimism.

The girls themselves are the biggest booster to the video. Their energy is absolutely infectious. Joy Fazzio—frontman Connor Jones’s counterpart—shows so much character as she dances within the camera’s frame and sets the tone for the rest of the “band”. Coupled with the rock-y passion of Lily Jorgensen, the subtle mystique of Abigail Weber, and the smiley attitude of Natalie Claro—Matthew Hare, guitarist PJ McFarlane, and drummer Anthony Smith’s respective counterparts—the girl group offers an array of buoyancy.

All-in-all, the video follows more of a genuine presentation rather than a symbolic one. It’s just teenagers having fun and it’s difficult not to connect with and love.

To listen to more of Neaptide, check out their Spotify and Bandcamp.