Ocean Heights "Come And Hang For A Minute" Music Video Premiere

NJ-based band, Ocean Heights

NJ-based band, Ocean Heights

By: EJ Jolly

There's something special about meeting someone new towards the end of the year - and Ocean Heights would really like to meet you.

Ocean Heights is an indie pop R&B band out of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. They cite influence from artists like Frank Ocean and The Walters, easily blending the soulful of R&B with the youthful of indie pop in every one of their tunes. And Heart Eyes Magazine is very excited to premiere the music video for their latest single "Come and Hang for a Minute".

There's been a recent trend to film music videos on an old camcorder; a trend that is welcome, but often completely ignoring musical style and modernity. But "Come and Hang for a Minute" is the perfect mix of nostalgia and longing, and it's hard to imagine anything working better alongside it. The low contrast and static cut between shots make it feel like a home movie, an afternoon spent among friends in the neighborhoods you grew up in. Along with the Saved by the Bell-style graphics and Fresh Prince of Belair reference, the video feels like a love letter to many indie music fans' youth. It's nice to see a band that isn't shy to experiment with various styles in their music videos (see the band's song "No Waves", whose video is full of bright colors and heavy saturation).

It's a perfect tune for this time of year - the guitar melody throughout sounds almost melancholic, like clinging to the last few days of warm weather before a brutal winter. But the vocals are warm and natural, moving above and below the interchanging synth and guitar leads. The lyrics are relatively simple, but perfectly capture that impatience that comes with a first meeting. Early on, you're not sure where you stand - you might be all in, but the other person isn't so sure. And honestly, asking someone to hang out can be the hardest part of it all.

But it’s clear the guys of Ocean Heights are the kind of friends you want to hang around. Be sure to keep up with them on social media and Bandcamp, at @ocnhts.

Check out the exclusive video premiere down below!