Palm Springsteen Pack a Punch with Their Trippy "Sister Sister" Music Video

By Tori Price

Anyone fancy a neon trip through the streets of Los Angeles?

Palm Springsteen (photographed by Bradley J. Calder @ bradleyjcalder )

Palm Springsteen (photographed by Bradley J. Calder @bradleyjcalder)

LA-based pop/electronic group Palm Springsteen just dropped the video for their latest single “Sister Sister” on June 5. As a newer face in the alternative LA scene, Palm Springsteen is on their way to making themselves known for their unique sound and style, and “Sister Sister” definitely follows in the style of their first single, “Hey There Cowgirl,” released earlier this year.

Directed by Gilbert Trejo, the video features lead singer Nick Hinman (who also edited the music video) hanging in the back of a car driving down the dark city streets or strolling around sketchy alleyways. This is contrasted with grainy black and white clips of Hinman in unconventional yet artistic angles.

Throughout the video, strong neon elements are used: with Hinman and the other members of the band (guitarist Aaron Bernards, keyboardist Z Berg, bassist Noah Gersch, and drummer Seth Trump) under a blacklight, the bright paint smeared across their faces illuminates, giving the whole scene an 80’s vibe.

A "BTS” shot via Palm Springsteen’s  Instagram

A "BTS” shot via Palm Springsteen’s Instagram

The video is a well rounded mix of vintage style, black and white class, and neon craziness, with the bright colorful aspects being the most memorable portions. The contrast between all of the styles and colors make for a really interesting visual experience, and the song pairs well with it.

The band described the music video as being “meant to simulate the feeling of going nowhere fast while aliens try and steal the endorphins of your orgasms” in an Instagram post, and while that statement seemingly makes no sense, after watching this video, it kind of does.

If you’re looking for a unique and trippy experience, this video (and band) might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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