Britney Spears Meets Nine Inch Nails Songstress, Betta Lemme, Drops Video for "Give It"

By: Livie Augustine

Breakthrough artist Betta Lemme is climbing her way to the title of pop figure with her single “Give It” and the artistic visuals to match. The song “Give It” is simple, with an emphasis on repetitive lyrics. However, the creakiness of the backing music can be misleading. The song is eerie and has similar tones to nightclub music, which can intimidate people. Many modern day listeners go for cheery and relaxing songs. Yet, Betta Lemme decides to stray from coloring inside the lines and unleashes a uniquely catchy song. Her own twist on the classic pop song formula is evident in “Give It”. Betta Lemme’s most prevalent twist is her switches between different styles throughout the song. Two of the most obvious ones are the switch from English to French and the bass drop.

The language switch at first is confusing. The pre-chorus being sung completely in French can catch many off guard, but is quite poetic once you listen again, and again, and again. Curiosity may strike listeners, and a quick translation can give the song a whole new meaning.

“The nights won’t change

On the nights you’re not here

Even if it hurts, be my animal

Fearless brutal feelings

The nights won’t ever change.”

The pre-chorus transforms the song from having a tone of regret to having an exact opposite tone: desire regardless of regret. Depending on whether you are a native-English speaker, a native-French speaker, neither, or both, the song initially has a completely different meaning until. This concept is rare, and if executed as artistically as Betta Lemme has, can be mind-bogglingly impressive.

To couple the language change, the juxtaposing bass drops are just as impressive. Though the tempo is constant throughout the song, the pitch and intensity of different sounds is warped from verse to chorus. The verses give a an unsettling feel with their creaky and ominous tones. Then the tone becomes quite comforting with the quiet focus on the piano and Betta Lemme’s gorgeous vocals. To top it off, the chorus is deeper, and the added element of the quick, high-pitched tones create an uneasy yet intriguing vibe. Then it loops back around, building anticipation throughout the second half of the song until it finishes off with the aforementioned high-pitched tone.

All together, the song is unique and quite entertaining. Betta Lemme’s originality is truly a force to be reckoned with and her music—dubbed as “Britney Spears meets Nine-Inch-Nails”—is sure to take her far. Make sure to listen to “Give It” and watch the stunning video!