Magdalena Bay Releases Funky Video for 'Ghost'

By: Hailey Hale

The duo Magdalena Bay are showing off their funky side with new music video ‘Ghost’, and it’s an 80’s synth dreamland. With neon colors and effects that make it seem as if you’re watching the video straight from a VHS, paired with a captivating upbeat club sound, you are transported back to the time of disco and dance. The group has combined sound and visual into a perfectly themed music video experience that has us watching over and over.

Members Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin are taking 80’s dance tracks to a new level by layering heavy synth with modern pop sounds. They are most known for their genre bending, retro-inspired music so it only seems fitting that they’ve taken that concept a step further with the ‘Ghost’ music video. Putting sound and sight together to make a well fitting merger is hard in itself, but Tenenbaum and Lewin are showing that they have had no trouble with their approach. The video easily puts you in the mood they have set and allows you to immerse yourself into their stunning lo-fi world.

The cool effects and bright colors are not the only thing that is visually stunning as Tenenbaum is put into the spotlight for this video. Throughout the video she is seen in an array of outfits, usually bold and shiny, and loud settings that helps convey the image they are shooting for. There are also an array of props cleverly thrown in, like neon signs and lava lamps, that subtly add to the overall vibe.

The duo overlooks nothing in this video and that is what makes it so great. Their use of  space, costume, color, and effects show that they are not here to play, they want to create an image and they will not concede for a lackluster effect. ‘Ghost’  is bold, bright and beautiful and ultimately a game changing point for their ever rising career.