King Complex Goes in a New Direction with “Dark Disco”

By: Carly Tagen-Dye

For Cody Doss and Bracher Brown, better known as the band King Complex, things are only looking up. With the release of two EP’s and an abundance of sold out shows across Florida, the St. Petersburg duo have been making themselves prevalent within the scene. Now, as the year winds up, they’re back with the release of their new single “Dark Disco” - an electric and honest track that will have you on your feet in no time.

If you’re familiar with the kind of music that King Complex usually makes, the single almost sounds like a completely different band. “Dark Disco” is a step forward from the cryptic, electro-synth style of the duo’s earlier EP’s. The playful, 70’s-esque guitar riffs, as well as the bumping drums and bassline, make it perfect for you to groove to. The song’s message reigns clear, speaking to the nightclub scene, and all of the problems that come from trying to find love within it. The speaker describes the people he mingles with, like a beauty queen and a Billie Jean-esque persona, wallowing in the fact that these people and places are all the same. No one is really who they say they are, yet he is open to a good time.  Paired with Brown’s smooth vocals, and Doss’ infectious beat, it is a message that resonates with the listener

“Dark Disco” is a double threat, and one that is well worth the listen. While fun and insanely catchy, like the type of music played over the speakers of the nightclubs the song’s lyrics are describing, it gives clear insight into that scene as well. If you are willing, you can forget your troubles and enjoy the present, even if just for one night. The song stays true to the group’s intricate way of writing lyrics, and the darker undertones of earlier releases. King Complex has introduced their new sound with ease, while still keeping hints of their classic, electric style within. “Dark Disco” is a push in a new direction - one that we are anxiously awaiting to see more of.