By: Alex Hopkins

Veridia is a band to watch out for. Their edgy yet eclectic rock sound truly sets them apart from others rock-influenced bands in the music industry. Between their unique sound that fuses genres together and their recent work with Amy Lee of the famed band Evanescence, Veridia’s success is obvious. I got to chat with them about inspirations, storytelling on albums, and their sound.

HEM: What are some elements to Veridia that you would want others to feel inspired by, to be able to relate to? What about Veridia would leave a lasting impact on those who listened to you as you may have experienced with your favorite artist?

Veridia: All the songs I’ve ever related to are the ones that inspire me to be brave, move me to have compassion or create change, or simply give me hope that I am not alone in my hardships. I strive for and hope that our songs will spark that kind of comfort or empowerment.

HEM: Listening to your recent album as well as your last two EPs, a key part of what makes your songs work so well is an element of personal storytelling tied with a strong sense of feeling, all while keeping it clear for the audience to relate. When it comes to writing new songs, what do you take in consideration and how do you perfect personal storytelling while letting the audience be able to associate with?

Veridia: I am so glad that’s how the album comes across! Every song starts with a personal story or a few words that remind me of a personal experience or of someone else’s experience that I’ve empathized with. I am intentional in attempting lyrics that can relate to a broad audience. The more people that relate, the more opportunity I get to use my platform via the stage, interviews, or blogs to speak about my specific story or spreading awareness on important topics that allow our audience to see our shows as a place of belonging and community.

HEM: How would you describe your sound to others who may not have known about Veridia before?

Veridia: Eclectic, edgy and moody. Genre-wise, Alternative, Dark Pop, with some rock and R&B vibes!

HEM: You described that the goal of your new debut album, The Beast You Feed, was “the strength, boldness, joy, and love that I found again would be nourishment to someone else through these songs”. Especially when producing this album, do you think there is truth in music healing those affected by tragedy? If so, how?

Veridia: I don’t think it’s the music itself that’s healing... I think it’s the spirit behind its creation. Music alone can evoke a mood or a feeling, but for me, a lyric can deepen an emotional connection, walking you through the rise, the fall, the redemption of your own experiences.

HEM: You guys recently worked with Amy Lee of Evanescence. What was it like working alongside her, especially for such a vulnerable song?

Veridia: Healing, irreplaceable hope, and connection. We all endure loss and grief and being able to walk through it with someone else gives you the opportunity to lift each other up when you feel scared or abandoned. Obviously, we don’t all go through those things at the same time and I think one of the reasons is so that after you escape that fire, you’re gifted the ability to recognize that need/grief in someone else so that you can help encourage them through it.

HEM: Between the time of your last two EPs to now, what have you learned more as not only as a band, but as people in general?
Veridia: I think we’ve learned to draw lines between constructive criticism and other people’s preference/opinions. To learn from other’s perspectives but to be brave enough to listen to our gut with what we create and share.

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