INTERVIEW: Annie Taylor

Photo by Benjamin Rauber

Photo by Benjamin Rauber

By: Jada Moore

Calling themselves Annie Taylor as an homage to the woman who once jumped the Niagara Falls in a barrel; Annie Taylor is ready to take 2019 by storm. From playing shows with L.A. Witch, Sunflower Bean and Las Robertas all throughout 2018, Annie Taylor is not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon! In fact, the band just released their new single titled Under Your Spell, which is soon to be a new edition to everyone’s playlist! I was able to chat with Annie Taylor’s Gini regarding the band’s sound and influences, tour experiences, and even got a sneak peek into what’s to come soon!


HEM: It seems like 2018 was an amazing year for you guys musically! From playing a few shows with L.A. Witch and Sunflower Bean, to playing a super rad music festival with Las Robertas, can you tell me what that was like?

AT: The shows with L.A. Witch were my favorites. We’ve played three times with the girls, and we were always happy to have them back here! It’s a great honor to open for this awesome band we love their music and style! We played OOAM Festival with Las Robertas and I am playing guitar with them sometimes. It’s more like a family reunion, but still I hope we will get to play some shows with them when they are back in Europe in autumn!

HEM: I know you guys went on your first tour last March, was there anything you guys found especially surprising about tour life?

AT: We were very lucky with our hosts and people who attended the shows. In Italy we met so many awesome people, and really funny evenings together. I guess I didn't expect everyone to be so welcoming, and I really would love to go back and visit!

Photo by Benjamin Rauber

Photo by Benjamin Rauber

HEM: As we know being an opener can be a stressful and nerve wracking job, especially to a crowd that may have never heard of your band. What would you say is the key to keeping a crowd excited and entertained, while they’re waiting for the main act?

AT: Well, we never really think about that fact, that the crowd probably has never heard of us before. We just try to have a good time on stage and enjoy that we’re able to play together! Sometimes it can also be fun when no one expects anything of you and then gets surprised at the show (hopefully in a positive way!).

HEM: You guys have some exciting news I hear, you’re just about to drop your new single “Under Your Spell” (by the time this interview is up it’ll be out) can you tell us a bit more about what that writing process was like?

AT: I actually got the idea for “Under Your Spell” when I was in Mexico at the coast. I was lucky and found somewhere equipment to record a garageband demo-version, so I could send it to the boys for a first listen. I was still in South America for another two months, but they were already getting an idea of the song. When I got back, everything went very fast! We got the chance to record in a the almost historical “Powerplay-Studios” (where btw also ‪Lady Gaga recorded) and after a week of arranging and rehearsal, we went to record it! 
It’s the first song that we are releasing since almost a year ago! It took us some time to shape our music the way we want it to sound…

HEM: I have to say while I listened to the track, I was could hear a bit of ( I want to say sounds made famous back in the 80s/90s) was there a particular era that inspired you guys’ sound today?

AT: The sound of the 80s/90s are definitely in our background. Actually there is a super 90ies song on the upcoming EP. I love music from this era, and bands like “Hole” or “‪Sonic Youth” influenced the way I am receiving and making music. Also I think we're inspired by bands, who already got influenced by the sounds of the 90’s, like for example ‪Wolf Alice.

HEM: What can we expect from Annie Taylor next? Can you give us a small hint?

AT: We are very excited to release our debut EP (Not Yours!) via Taxi Gauche Records in April and we are looking forward to records our first album this summer! In March, we're going to play with Sugar Candy Mountain and FEWS. This will definitely also be a highlight of the year!