Speaking to Australia's Hardest Working Group, Chase Atlantic

Chase Atlantic

Chase Atlantic

By: Amelia Zollner

Though alternative-pop band, Chase Atlantic is from Australia, their tedious work and consistent releases have enabled them garner a dedicated fanbase that reaches all over the globe. Their newest EP, DON’T TRY THIS, was released this month and showcases their ability to branch across genres. A few weeks ago, Amelia had the chance to chat with the band about DON’T TRY THIS. Read on to learn about what 2019 holds for the band and what Nocturnal Bliss is!


HEM: You guys just released your latest EP, DON’T TRY THIS (congrats, by the way!). What sets it apart from your other releases?

This EP was created on the road throughout an entire year of travelling around the world. This gave it a more raw approach to our original songwriting style. The production and the overall style is very clean.

HEM: What would you say is the overall theme behind this EP?

A mixture of a darker view of our current world and the lighter themes of newfound relationships.

HEM: I’ve noticed your music is kind of a mix between alternative and pop. How would you describe your music’s genre if you had to sum it up?

Nocturnal Bliss. The paradox of those two words perfectly summaries the dream-like state we portray in our music.

HEM: Between the release of the DON’T TRY THIS EP and your upcoming album, it sounds like 2019 is going to be a fairly busy year for you guys. How do you manage with such a busy schedule?

We have learned from the crazy year on the road in 2018. We never spent a lot of time in one particular city, or even country for that matter. So this year we will be more focused on creating new music and content as well as touring, and finding that perfect balance.

HEM: Is there anything you can tell us about any upcoming tour dates or other plans for this year?

2019 is going to be a very insane year, that’s all I can say.

HEM: You guys have already toured all over the world. Is there anywhere you haven’t been that you would love to play?

South America, and I know Mitchel and Clinton would love to get over to Asia.

HEM: I’ve heard that you guys produce your music yourselves. What made you choose to do this?

It was never really a choice we made. We’ve been producing years prior to starting the band. And it only made sense to create the sound we want by ourselves. It’s all good and well to pay someone to replicate what you want, but nobody can emulate your ideas better than what you create yourself.

HEM: What are some bands and artists you guys are inspired by?

Travis Scott, Tame Impala, The Weeknd.

HEM: What challenges have you faced as a band while getting to where you are now?

Moving countries from Australia to America was quite difficult. Leaving our friends, family and familiarities behind for the unknown was a big risk for us. It helped us grow and become who we are today.

HEM: Where do you see Chase Atlantic as a band in five years?

It’s a complete mystery to us. Who knows where music will go in five years, who knows how our lives will affect our views on music. With that being said, I believe we’ll be stronger than ever and music will always surround our lives.