Sitting Down to Chat with Rising Electronic-pop Musician, Yoshi Flower

Photo by Daniel Marty

Photo by Daniel Marty

By: Hailey Hale

Fan favorite, electronic-pop musician, Yoshi Flower is kicking off the new year with a month long headlining tour in support of his latest release American Raver, a genre defying, in your feels album. His unique sound and gritty lyrics gained a lot of traction in the hip-hop world last year, which launched him into the spotlight and caused him great success. Using that traction to his advantage, Yoshi Flower released a full length mixtape, signed with Interscope Records, and toured with huge names such as Dua Lipa and Blackbear.

The Detroit native had an exciting year in 2018, and it seems 2019 is off to a great start as the musician announced a month long headlining tour that kicks off on February 5th. He will be hitting 5 major North American cities, including his hometown, and most of the cities are on low ticket alert. Even though he is busy planning for tour, and working on upcoming projects I got to talk to Yoshi to get his thoughts on tour, album making, and more.

HEM: You recently dropped your first full length mixtape, how did it feel putting it out into the world and it being met with such rave reviews?

Yoshi: It felt good to start a conversation and connect with people. It is still a mostly unknown project, it’s an “if you know, you know” situation right now, and we have a cult of people who dig it. I’m just happy people feel something.

HEM: Did you have any sort of process or daily mantra that helped you with the creation of this album?

Yoshi: No more mold. Glitch the program. Love life it loves you back. Peace, love, mescaline.

HEM: You had a lot of huge artists collab with you on the album. Who were you most excited to work with?

Yoshi: It was all natural, all friends. They all had their own special moments and revelations.

HEM: Who would be your dream artist to collab with?

Yoshi: Living? Paul McCartney probably….or Kanye.

HEM: You just signed with Interscope records (congratulations!). How is it different from being an independent artist?

Yoshi: The only difference is that I don’t have to worry about where to find food or my own place to crash. My ideas now have more chance of coming to fruition, it is a big source of happiness, and a bit of validation, to know someone else is down for the cause.

Photo by Daniel Marty

Photo by Daniel Marty

HEM: When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

Yoshi: As long as I can remember. I wanted to be a part of music at least, I’m a fan of music forever.

HEM: If you could give any advice to people thinking about starting a music career what would it be?

Yoshi: Go for it, don’t sacrifice your integrity ever because it’s not worth it ever.

HEM: What did it feel like opening for huge artists such as Dua Lipa, Blackbear, and Elohim? Was it scary to perform in front of sold out stadiums or did it come naturally?

Yoshi: It was pretty natural. I had dreamt those opportunities, so I was just grateful more so than anything else.

HEM: You’re about to hit the road for your very first headlining tour. How are you preparing? What are some emotions you’re feeling?

Yoshi: This is far more scary than the opening shows! I am rehearsing an hour set, and bringing the stage design, and it’s all on me and my crew to provide a dope, freeing atmosphere for the kids who pull up. I’m feeling quite nervous for this first tour. I just want to give people an experience, a memory, a feeling that they’ll escape with.

HEM: Where would your dream place to perform be?

Yoshi: Probably MSG, I would watch Led Zepplin play “The Show Must Go On” and it was pure ecstasy.

HEM: I know you’ve got so many amazing things going on right now, but is there anything new that you’re working on that fans should look out for?

Yoshi: I’ve just finished my next single called ‘Dirty Water’ and it drops Feb 15th! I think I’m keen on putting another mixtape out in early spring.

HEM: Finally, is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

Yoshi: Thanks for taking the time, love is the only reality

With the upcoming tour and exciting new releases, I can’t help but predict that Yoshi Flower will be a name that everyone knows in the next year. He has an impossibly bright future ahead of him, so make sure you catch him at one of his shows and stream American Raver, because this is only the beginning for the rising star.