The Mowgli's

By Ky Kasselman

Forming in 2010, The Mowgli’s are a 6 member group hailing from Venice, CA. Ky got to chat with Andy Warren, the drummer, about their new album Real Good Life and what 2018 has in store for them.

HEM: How has the reaction to Real Good Life been? 

Andy: It's been great. Playing new songs live is always interesting because the fans haven't had as much time with the music as some other beloved songs. Fortunately, when we play RGL live, the reaction seems immediate. Crowds are singing and dancing to it as if the song has been out for years. 

HEM: What are you most excited about for this tour? 

Andy: Personally, it's just nice to be playing shows again. We hadn't been on a headlining tour in almost a year and a half, so to have people still showing up for us and being enthusiastic about our song catalog still is an amazing feeling. Nothing like having a full house of fans screaming your songs along with you. 

HEM: Favorite song to play live & why? 

Andy: We have a new song called Kansas City that's been really fun to play on this tour. It's a little heavier and as a a drummer there's a lot of room for me to fill in and get creative each night with how I approach playing it. 

HEM: What’s coming up for you guys this year? 

Andy: We plan to write more music and release a fourth album. I'm sure there will be some more touring too. We're also going to [a couple of military bases] this summer to perform for the US troops!

HEM: How is Real Good Life different from previous music you’ve done? What are you most looking forward to with this new Mowgli’s musical era?

Andy: RGL embodies all the themes of the Mowgli's. Positive, upbeat and happy vibes. But it also is very current and in line with the sound of today's popular music. It's got a dance-y beat and up tempo and the production even utilizes elements of electronic music. It feels very current while still comfortably fitting into our wheelhouse. 

HEM: What should people who have never seen you live expect from your show? What makes your shows special?

Andy: Our live show is just a feel good dance party. We always bring our A game and the 6 of us have so much history doing this, that there's an energy that is very unique. Colin and Katie do a great job at keeping the audience laughing and smiling between songs while reaching our message of love and acceptance. We promise you will leave our show smiling!

Make sure to listen to Real Good Life on Spotify or Apple Music. You can also follow The Mowgli’s on social media & see what they’re up to!

Twitter/Insta: @themowglis