An Interview With NYC's Dark, Electro-Pop Queen, MADISON



By: Carissa Mathena

MADISON, an electro/indie pop female artist from New York City, is one of the hottest rising artists on the scene right now. Her newest single ‘Work It’ was released earlier last month to complete the musical trifecta with her other two singles titled ‘Baller’ and ‘Hustle.’ When listening to her music, you feel empowered no matter how you identify. She creates music that makes you want to move and as she says “to strut” your stuff.

She has been recognized extensively in the press lately with E! News calling her “a new musical artist to keep an eye out for!” Not only does she create brilliant music, but you can tell that she cares about what is happening within her community and the world from her posts on social media. She is a truly involved, knowledgeable, and talented woman who creates music that everyone needs to have on a playlist (or four). I got the amazing opportunity to ask MADISON a few questions surrounding her music and her life recently and here is what she said:


HEM: Female power is an obvious motivation behind your music, as a female why do you think this message of empowerment is incredibly important in today’s society?

MADISON: Now is an amazing time to flex our muscles and effect change, we are seeing it all around in the #metoo movement and in all of the women elected to congress. we need to make our country and society more friendly toward women. and we have a lot more to offer than ever before. I am inspired by the all the female BOSSES out there!


HEM: Usually there is a former or current musician that inspires an artist, but who is one person from your daily life that inspires you? How do they?

M: To be honest my man inspires me, he runs a record label (+1 Records) and he lives and breathes music. He always wants to help developing artists and i think its amazing. He is so calm, cool and collected. I strive to be more like that. He is also a huge feminist so i love that.

HEM: When you wake up every morning, what motivates you to get out of bed?

M: Life man! It’s so short.. we are so lucky to be alive!!


HEM: Using non-traditional descriptions, and straying away from predetermined categories, describe your style of music.

M: Indie bedroom pop


HEM: What is your most fond musical memory and why has it stuck with you?

M: Dressing up like Madonna and going to her concert. It was in a huge arena and I had never seen so many people going so crazy. I loved it!!


HEM: What is one thing that you think music does for people?

M: It makes people feel.. happy or sad.. or just gives people memories and connections.. it’s art. It speaks to peoples personal experiences.

HEM: What is one emotion you typically try to invoke through your lyrics?

M: Power, strength, motivation (ok 3 words:)


HEM: Finally, what has been your favorite song to write, record, and produce? Why this one in particular?

M: My fave song it usually the last song I do! Because it’s most fresh and I always think ‘oh that is my best until i top it!’ So right now.. it’s “Work it.” It’s cool~~~ I love the message and the simplicity.


Overall, MADISON is an artist who makes music that means something to everyone. It is inspired by her life, what is happening around her, and her emotions. She is an artist that sticks out from the rest in the music world today because of these things. If I can give you one piece of advice it would be not just to listen to her music, but take it in and become your own “Boss.”

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Twitter: @noiseofmadison

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