An Interview with Vesperteen

Colin — Photo courtesy of LADYGUNN

Colin — Photo courtesy of LADYGUNN

By: Amy Paine

Having recently released his long-awaited follow up to the debut self-titled effort, the man behind the name vesperteen, Colin rigsby, released the catchy, creative, and meaningful album known as The Hype Is Dead. Known for his insanely supportive fan base, as well as his electrifying live performance, Vesperteen is definitely an underrated artist. But we here at Heart Eyes Know that in 2019, he will be taking the alternative music world by storm.

Amy had the chance to chat with colin a few weeks ago to discuss his new single, “Operate,” upcoming shows in the new year, and his favorite cities to play on tour. Check it out below!

Heart Eyes Magazine: So you’ve recently released a new single, “Operate.” How does it feel to be releasing new songs? 

Colin Rigsby: It’s the best, it’s the best feeling. I wish I could put out more stuff more often. It feels so good. It’s, you know, kind of vulnerable, but it’s thrilling and exciting, especially when it’s something I’m really proud of. I’m just excited for other people to hear it and to get their feedback.

HEM: Speaking of that, are there any new releases coming up that we can look forward to?

CR: There are. I can’t say when, but yes, there definitely are. Hopefully as soon as possible.

HEM: What about shows?

CR: We only have one on the books right now, but there are many others in the plans, for sure. Right now, the only one we’ve got coming up is in Las Vegas in February.

HEM: I actually saw you in Canton last month. It was such a great show! There was a lot of hype around it since it was the first Vesperteen show for a while. What’s it like to get back on stage after a break like that?

CR: It’s the best. I love performing so much, and this year I was focusing a lot more on writing for new music and stuff, so I didn’t get to play as much. We did one tour that was a month or so long, but really after that tour in March and April I only played like eight or nine more shows for the rest of the year. I really missed performing, so every one of those was really exciting, because it was the only one. It felt great.

HEM: Are there any cities you especially love to play?

CR:I love playing every city. All the shows are always fun and great, but city-wise, I have my favorite places that I just like to be in, either because I have friends there, or just because I love the city. I love playing New York City, because I love it there, and LA or anywhere in California because the weather’s always great. It comes down to the experience, but you can also have a great experience in pretty random cities. I’ve definitely got my favorites, but I love every night and every city.

HEM:You’ve always been open about mental health. Would you say that either your own music or other people’s influences that?

CR: I would say that other people’s helps influence it for sure, and then my own music is sort of the expression of it. I feel like it gets exorcised through other people’s music, and then with my own it gets, sort of, expressed through my own writing. It’s really cool to know that other people experience that with my music in the same way that I do with other people’s music. It’s really cool to be on the other side of that.

HEM: So it’s a very positive thing for you?

CR:Yeah, it’s great.

HEM: What’s your favorite memory from Vesperteen in 2018?

CR: I’d have to say the hometown Columbus show at the Newport back in April. It was amazing. Everything about it was so much fun. It was just such a great show.

HEM: Anything you’re looking forward to in 2019? Any goals for the year?

CR: I’m very optimistic. I’m very excited about 2019. There’s some good stuff in the works that I can’t totally talk about, but I’m excited to put out new music. No matter what happens, I’ll still be putting out new music and I’ll be playing shows. I’m just excited for a fresh new year, kind of a fresh start. I’m optimistic about it, for sure.

HEM: Finally, is there anything else you want to share with our readers?

CR: Let’s see… Listen to “Operate,” share “Operate,” give it to somebody who hasn’t heard it.