Talking with CT's Very Own, Bronze Radio Return

Bronze Radio Return

Bronze Radio Return

By: Yasmin Ettobi

At the moment, the question to ask about Connecticut's own Bronze Radio Return isn’t “what are they up to?” but instead, “what aren’t they up to?” With a new single out, an EP coming out in late January, and a sprawling North American tour booked for 2019, Bronze Radio Return’s future looks bright and eventful. I had the opportunity to ask vocalist Chris Henderson a couple questions regarding all things concerning Bronze Radio Return.

HEM: As an introduction, how would you describe your music to someone that's never heard of you before?

Our sound is a mish mosh of melodic rock, rootsy folk, upbeat movers and down tempo thinkers….something for a Friday night with friends or a Wednesday morning in your kitchen. 

HEM: Are there any different approaches that you've taken to the songwriting or music writing process with your new singles that you haven't attempted on previous records?

Every record has embracing an evolving approach. We start with a melodies and ideas and then work towards finding a way to present them to people who take the time to listen. One constant in our process has always been traveling somewhere new to record. This time around we went to a friends ranch in the hill country of Texas. I’d never quite sure how the surroundings directly effect the sound, but just being in a new place keeps everyone alert an focused. 

HEM: Your song "Daylight" was recently used in the promotion for the HBO show "Crashing."  Do you typically align visuals with the songs you write, and how does it feel to hear your music as the soundtrack for someone else's art?

We’ve never really consciously thought of visuals when we work on songs, but its really fun to see them be applied to someone else’s artistic vision! It always an honor to be included in these kind of placements. Often times we are asked about the use of a song, but have no idea what the visual/scene will look like until its released. 

HEM: You also recently released two "stripped" versions of recent singles, "Ready to Go" and "The Storm." Does acoustically translating these songs uncover any meaning out of them that you may not have caught before, and how so?

Totally. It’s really fun making these kinds of versions for songs. The studio recording of “Ready to Go” has this fun bounce and inherent optimism sprinkled around the tune. When we recorded the stripped down version it almost took on a different side of the lyric and brought out a slightly more somber energy.  By changing the mood and chords of the song it brought out a new meaning in the lyrics. 

HEM: Bronze Radio Return's 2019 is already looking packed with an extraordinary amount of tour dates planned for all across North America. For you, what are the most daunting aspects of touring, and what are the most rewarding aspects?

Lots of dates! Its both super exiting and mildly daunting….We haven’t been on a tour like this in a couple years and are itching to get back out on the road. We have such a fun time playing music together and this gives us the opportunity to do it a bunch. I’m excited to see friends from around the country and revisit some cities that we haven’t been to in a few years. (Added bonus: we get to escape a little bit of the New England Winter) The daunting parts are always the same- long drives, extended time from home/loved ones and inevitable fast food meals. We’ve conditioned ourselves to these things over the years and are ready to be back at it

HEM: Does playing the same setlist ever get stagnant for the band as a whole? How do you keep things fresh and exciting every night?

For me- it doesn’t. I don’t surf, but I imagine ridding waves with the same surf board doesn’t really get old for surfers, right?  Every room is a different wave.

HEM: What can fans expect to see from your live show?

Fun guys playing fun music in fun cities with fun people! 

HEM: What's one of the most memorable experiences that you've ever had with a fan?

We’ve met some really wonderful people along the way. I’m always amazed and so thankful that people make the time to come see us. I feel like most nights we play for an hour and half and spend two hours talking to people after. Being on the road can certainly be a grind- but making friends and seeing familiar faces in our travels tend to be my favorite parts of the day : ) 

HEM: As a whole, what else is in the future for Bronze Radio Return?

Well, thats a good question! I think our future is filled with lots more music and adventure. We have a bunch of shows next year and a bunch of new music to share. Once thats all wrapped up we start making the next record.