Speaking to Nashville's Indie Pop Sensation andrews'



By: Amelia Zollner

andrews’ is a new indie pop act from Nashville. Although he’s relatively new to creating music and playing shows, he already has the hang of things, shown by his 2017 EP Arepo, Pt. 1 and the two singles he’s released over the past year. His newest single, “Lost in the Fire”, was released in November and is a simple yet ethereal track that dives into honesty and acceptance. A few weeks ago, I had the chance to speak to him about “Lost in the Fire” and his life as a new musician.

Heart Eyes Mag: How have people reacted to the singles you’ve put out so far?
andrews’: Great! I am super honored to have [something] for every person  listening and my hope is to really create a community of people excited about it through these next 2 EPs and 2019. I think we're gonna try to re-work some of these songs in the near future as well. 

HEM: Out of the singles you’ve released so far, do you have one you’re the most proud of?
a: Through the night felt probably more exciting to me to be honest but I think it was more excitement of officially starting more than anything. We did an EP under my name originally but I didn't feel it right until we switched that and the name over and I think Through the Night was the first song where it really felt right. 

HEM: What would you say is the most challenging part of being a musician who's just beginning to release music?
a: Taking yourself serious but not too serious haha. I think it's the weirdest balance that I deal with day to day. The main thing that helps me balance that is surrounding myself with people that challenge me creatively. 

HEM: You’ve played a few shows so far. What has it been like to start playing shows and what have you taken away from them?
a: It’s been fun, we’re doing some European shows next summer and some of the big US cities. I’ve been playing shows for other artists for a while and love the energy so I think I’ve learned a lot from the road but excited to be on the other side of that now. 

HEM: Is there a reason why you make music under the name of “andrews’”?
a: Just to screw with everyone’s autocorrect and hopefully make it into their user dictionary. My middle name is andrew.

HEM: Where do you hope to take your musical career in the future?
a: I am hoping to start a formal studio next year and be able to have a andrews’ HQ and work on other artist music from time to time. I wanna keep touring/making music for the next couple years and after that I have no clue ha.