Reading as a Hobby

By: Carissa Mathena

Just as it would be trying to describe the thing you love most in the world, it is hard to describe my love for reading. Of course there are the obvious reasons for reading, such as expanding your vocabulary, developing your mind, and it improving your memory. It can also expand your imagination and promote creativity. All of these things are only an added bonus, but they are not the reason I read.

I read to fall into a world where I can truly be someone other than myself. I can be in the action of the novel, I can help defeat the villain or I can conquer the world. Not only is this immersion entertaining but it truly calms my anxieties and stress. I find myself relaxing within a book’s pages and truly letting my mind wander in this new world. I also find that I personally grow from each book I read. This can be because I have learned about a new culture. It can be because I learned about an individual who would be so different from me. It could be because I have learned strength and courage while reading about someone overcoming their fears. I have found myself more brave, a better friend, a better person all from reading a variety of books.

Reading is growth. It is that simple. I challenge you to pick up a book, give it 30 pages. Remember all of the benefits of reading - whether it be personal benefits or factual benefits.