Charities Worth Your Time & Donation

By Carissa Mathena

Wildlife Conservation Society

Stated Mission: Saves wildlife & wild places worldwide through science, conservation action, education, and inspiring people to value nature.

This charity spends 84% of its funding on program needs that help the stated mission succeed leaving only 16% on overhead funding. That means you do not have to worry about your money not being used for wildlife conservation and going to pay someone’s salary. Your money helps their mission and actually does good. In our ever-growing society, I think it is important to remember that while we may need homes, we can not take the homes of the animals in the wild.

Sylvia Rivera Law Project

This is a charity that is fighting for people to self-determine their own gender identity and expression. They provide access to free legal services for low-income transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. You can even easily donate online through their website, They also help people regardless of race or income and make sure they do not face discrimination or violence. On their website you are even able to become a member which can make you more active within your community and this foundation. They have tips, email list, news, and upcoming events so if you are interested, please check it out.

The Trayvon Martin Foundation

This organization spreads awareness of police brutality and the consequences of gun crime and gun violence. This is another organization that makes donations easy on their website, You can even get added to their mailing list to be aware of all of the different activities they have going on. They state on their website that “your donation allows the Trayvon Martin Foundation the opportunity to find solutions for youth, help parents who have been victimized by senseless violence, provide scholarships to inner city youth, rebuild relationships and strengthen a positive self-image within the community.” You can feel safe giving a donation here knowing it will be put to good use.

Stop Violence Against Women

A foundation built on helping women around the world. They advocate for women’s rights and are a forum of information on the topic. This charity is especially important because its for women around the globe. Women who have no rights, are sexually assaulted, physically assaulted. It’s girl power wrapped up into one foundation. If you are interested, please visit to learn more about their program and make an easy donation.