Great Good Fine Ok Show Preview

By Ky Kasselman

Great Good Fine Ok is a synthpop duo from New York City composed of vocalist Jon Sandler, producer Luke Moellman, and touring instrumentalists Carey Clayton and Danny Wolf. They have played multiple shows at SXSW and have collaborated with artists such as The Chainsmokers and Panama Wedding. The guys embark on their fall tour tomorrow, hitting seven cities in a matter of ten days. Sandler says he is excited for this tour because the band has not toured for about six months, and touring is his favorite thing. He is excited to get up in front of the fans and play some new music, along with crowd favorites such as their newest single, “Find Yourself,” a collaboration with Before You Exit.

“People can expect the normal theatrics and lights that people love about our shows. But, there will be some new elements. We’re going to play a brand new song,” said Sandler. With support from Tigertown, this tour is going to be one you are not going to want to miss. “I can’t give everything away, but it’s going to be great.”

Sandler says the band struggles with just about the same things most artists do when it comes to touring. “It’s just like a rollercoaster. There are peaks and valleys. There’s times where you feel like you’re crushing it and times when you feel like you’re plateauing,” Sandler explained. “We’re always trying to gain more exposure.”

The band has released three EPs, singles as collaborations with other artists, and even remixes of other artists’ tracks. With more than enough content to make one full length album, Great Good Fine Ok performs a wide variety of songs during their shows, from upbeat dance anthems to slower grooves. “In today’s musical climate, smaller quantities of work make more sense than releasing twelve songs all at once and then eight or nine of the songs sort of get ignored or not get as much attention,” explained Sandler. The band says that if it makes sense and they get inspired to, they would love to release a full length album.

“Obviously our focus is to create the best songs that we can and do it from a very honest place. The challenge is translating those songs into something we can do live,” Sandler said. The songs have many elements to them and the band tries to do as much of it as possible without backing tracks. Jon said that he and Luke take performing just as seriously as they do the recording and production of their music. Luke programs the lights and stage theatrics himself, while Jon focuses on the vocal gymnastics and fashion statements for the whole band, particularly kimonos and jackets.

If you go see Great Good Fine Ok this fall, be prepared for a jam-packed night of entertainment, fantastic music, and a lot of dancing. “Whether they leave the show smiling from a night of dancing, or if a song connected with them in a way that they leave feeling a lot and being contemplative, I want them to have whatever experience they need to have in that moment,” Sandler said, “I would like everybody to dance!”


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