The Best of 2017’s Festival Circuit: A Highlight Reel

By Erin Christie Worldwide, music festivals have become a staple in what makes the spring and summer months something truly worthwhile and something to anticipate.  Whether you are a tried and true music- lover at heart, searching for the best lineup possible for the most affordable price, or if you’re simply someone looking to have… Continue reading The Best of 2017’s Festival Circuit: A Highlight Reel

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‘Pop 2’ Charli XCX Album Review

By Mallory Haynes You may not be aware, but Charli XCX is one of the most hardworking women in the pop music. In 2017 alone, she released two mixtapes while also dropping a single, “Boys,” and featuring on multiple songs throughout the year. Charli is constantly recording, writing, and directing music videos - and she… Continue reading ‘Pop 2’ Charli XCX Album Review

Record Reviews

Hinds “New For You” Song Review

By Ava Butera  The alternative rock band hailing from Spain, known as Hinds, are back with new music. Hinds’ debut, Leave Me Alone, was released in 2016, showing that these girls don’t want you to forget about them; they want listeners to be engulfed by their music. Leave Me Alone was a smash hit in… Continue reading Hinds “New For You” Song Review